Venerable Toby Gillies (Spiritual Director)

Venerable Toby Gillies has a unique and rare knowledge encompassing the full breadth and depth of traditional Tibetan Buddhism, having studied with a renowned Tibetan Geshe for 35 years. He has had the privilege of private interviews with his Holiness the Dalai Lama and received teaching from him. Venerable Toby Gillies has also discussed and debated Tibetan philosophy with many highly realised scholars and meditation masters.

Venerable Toby’s open enquiring mind, combined with the ability to listen, has led to a continued interest in interfaith discussion. This has resulted in joint retreats bringing together senior religious leaders from a variety of faiths.

What separates Venerable Toby Gillies from other teachers is his innate ability to meld, adapt and communicate the Buddha’s message through his personal experience as a westerner navigating and conquering the pathways of the mind as presented in Tibetan Buddhism.

By demystifying Tibetan Buddhism and bringing the philosophical elements into the 21st century, Venerable Toby shows by example how meditation, analysis of the mind and understanding can make life a happier, healthier, relaxed and more joyous experience.

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