Need for Spiritual Practice

An introduction to basic Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation techniques will be given by Therese Bottomley on Saturday, 6th October from 10am to 1pm. The subject of the teaching will be “The need for Spiritual Practice” in this new millennium.

Many of us can acknowledge the huge discoveries and advances that have taken place in the West in the field of Science, Medicine, Space exploration and so on. Certainly, we have all benefited from these achievements. However, very little advancement appears to have taken place for similar development and expansion in our inner world or inner awareness. Society is continuously facing problems with a rise in depression (including amongst the young) with a high suicide rate, and aggravated violence which is depicted not only on our television screens but also in domestic environments.

In Buddhism, internal awareness and knowledge is achieved through analysing and understanding the process of ‘thought’ and the value of ‘meditation’ and for that, it is absolutely necessary to know ‘how to think’ and ‘how to ‘meditate’ which leads one to greater happiness and contentment. Such a teaching is an opportunity to learn and understand the nature of one’s mind and how we relate to the outer world, including relationships with family and friends.

It is widely acknowledged now that Buddhism is not a religion but a deep and profound philosophy which empowers those who are prepared to learn, the ability to face and deal with everyday challenges in life, and gain a more meaningful and happier life.

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