His Holiness The Dalai Lama


What you write in ink, in small black letters,

Can all be lost through the work of a single drop of water,

But what is written in your mind,

Is there for eternity.

…………………. H.H. the Sixth Dalai Lama


The True Meaning of Life

We are visitors on this planet,
We are here for ninety or one hundred years at the very most
During that period,  we must try to do something good, something useful
with our lives,
If you contribute to other peoples’ happiness,
you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life.


Cultivating an attitude of compassion and developing wisdom are slow processes.  As you gradually internalize techniques for developing morality, concentration of mind, and wisdom, untamed states of mind become less and less frequent.
You will need to practice these techniques day by day, year by year.  As you transform your mind, you will transform your surroundings.
Others will see the benefits of your practice of tolerance and love, and will work at bringing these practices into their own lives.


Consciousness is eternal, its continuity never ceases.  But it is not permanent.   Permanence refers to the fact that something does not change from moment to moment.  And this, of course, consciousness does do.  It is impermanent in this sense, but it is still eternal.   The continuity of the moment never ceases.


Altruistic Love

Compassion and generosity must be accompanied by detachment.  Expecting something in return for them is like doing business.  If the owner of a restaurant is all smiles with his customers, it is not because he loves them but because he wants to increase his turnover.  When we love and help others, it should not be because we find a particular individual likable but because we see that all beings, whether we think of them as friends or enemies, want to be happy and have the right to happiness.