Learn to Meditate

Each class includes a variety of guided meditations including Samadhi (meditation on the breath) and other stabilising meditations, analytical meditations and visualisations; and a brief introduction aspects of buddhist philosophy to further explain the foundations and principles of these invaluable meditation practices. We offer a relaxed and comfortable setting where you can meditate on chairs or cushions.

Our teachers are all long-term students at BBMC and have many years of study and their own meditation experience to share with you. They will explain…

  • Being comfortable using the correct posture for meditation
  • The importance of developing the right motivation before you meditate
  • Identifying the meditation technique that is right for you
  • How to deal with distractions during meditation
  • How to begin a meditation practice at home
  • Finding more mindfulness in your everyday life
  • How a regular practice can benefit your relationships and your own inner contentment
  • Keeping up momentum when the practice gets difficult

If you are interested to explore Buddhist philosophy further, you are most welcome to browse our extensive library of books, or talk to us about our Advanced Classes.

BBMC is located in Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs, in Beaumaris.

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