Advanced Classes

Following teachings at the beginner’s levelTherese (principal teacher & founder) introduces and teaches more advanced Buddhist knowledge as set out in the well-known classic “The Graduated Path to Enlightenment’. Also included are teachings from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and recognized Masters who have passed on their experiences and knowledge throughout the history of Buddhism which spans over 2,500 years from the beginning of Shakymuni Buddha.

These classes create an opportunity to gain general insight into the wide breadth of knowledge and logic that Buddhism encompasses in its emphasis on the training of the mind in ethics, concentration and wisdom which leads to greater happiness and purpose in life.  Equally it’s an opportunity to discover and develop altruistic qualities which everyone possesses such as love, compassion and greater wisdom.

Step by step, Therese will lead you through meditation techniques for every day living which leads to the goal of inner peace and how to eliminate negative states of mind such as anger, jealousy, dissatisfaction and so on which lead to suffering and unhappiness.

Therese believes that as human beings we all want to be happy and to avoid suffering. The key to this happiness is understanding the true nature of mind where qualities such as love, compassion and wisdom reside, waiting to be awakened.